Granolagate-- Exploring the Controversial Question: What Bracha Do We Make on Granola Bars?

By: Rabbi Dovid Rosen “What bracha do I make on…” We’ve all asked that question many times, and in most cases we have settled into a routine where we are confident that we are making the appropriate brachos. So when the assumed bracha on a particular food is questioned, it can cause confusion and even frustration. A good example is granola bars. Many people assume that the correct brachos on granola bars are mezonos and al hamichia, but, as we will soon learn, it is not that simple. Oats are one of the five grains, referred to as the chamisha minei dagan, for which the special brachos of mezonos and al hamichia are reserved. Since every granola bar contains plenty of... read more

Posted: Oct 29, 2018

The “No Shaila” Granola Bar

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But Is It Really Dairy?

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Posted: Oct 3, 2018

2018/5779 Canadian Yoshon Update #1

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