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A Guided Tour of the New COR Website


Welcome to the new COR website. We hope you find it a useful resource.

Since many of our users have not yet seen the new COR website we thought a “guided tour” -- introducing you to some of the new features -- might be useful. Enjoy the new site, and as always if you have any questions or comments, you can contact us at 416-635-9550 or email us at [email protected]

The New Homepage

As you can see, the new homepage has an up to date design that is modern, clean, and accessible. The front “slider” contains links to general information about the COR and kosher in general, as well links to other important sections. As you scroll down under the slider you will notice four main categories: Articles, Newly Certified, Alerts, and News & Updates. Click on the tab for each category and the five most recent entries will appear for each category. On the top right hand page is a link to follow us on twitter. Yes COR is on twitter and we post alerts and other interesting information. If you are on twitter you can follow us by clicking here. One more area to note is the “Guide to Kosher Toronto” at the bottom right hand corner of the page. If you click this link you will be directed to a list of all of the kosher restaurants, catering and food service establishments in the Greater Toronto Area along with a map pointing to each location.

Alerts Landing Page

The new alerts landing page can be found here. It contains all of the most recent alerts issued by the COR. They are ranked by date starting with most recent, so you can peruse the list and click on any alerts which are of interest.

Articles Landing Page

Below is the new articles landing page that you can find by clicking here. The articles are arranged into different categories: Kosher Business, Kosher Products and Kosher Advanced. The articles could be on any number of interesting topics from a profile of COR’s newly appointed CEO Rabbi Tuvia Basser to a recent COR case study on the infestation of sardines.

Ask the Rabbi

Below is the contact form to ask the rabbi any of your kosher questions and you can find that page here. Also below the contact form are some of our frequently asked questions and answers.

COR Establishment Search

In the mood for Pizza? Looking for a meat restaurant? Use the search box in the upper right hand corner and click “kosher establishments” and you will get a list of restaurants or other food service establishments that match your search criteria along with contact information and a map with the resulting establishments.

Product Search

Are you curious if a particular product is COR certified? Enter it into the search tab on the top right hand corner and if it is COR certified, it will come up. Here you see a sample search for Kellogg products and you will notice a number of products that came up. In addition, you will notice a tab which reads “All Products Search.” If you click this tab any product that is either COR or OU certified will come up.

COR Event Calendar

If you are invited to an event, and are wondering if it is a kosher event, wonder no longer. All COR events such as bar mitzvahs, baby namings or luncheons will be listed in our event calendar here. Just enter the date of the event in the calendar box near the top of the page, and all of the COR certified events for that day will appear. If yours is there, it’s COR certified.  

Kosher Recipes Landing Page

Below is the kosher recipes landing page that you can get to by clicking here. There are all sorts of recipes for every season. And if you have any recipes that you would like to share with the COR community, please send them to us at [email protected].

That concludes our tour. We hope you enjoy the new website and visit often.

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