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Top Ten “CORporate Kosher” Tips

aa59c812e73035477a32ff9d69b3e25a.pngStaying on top of your kosher data program is an art. Thankfully, COR’s computer database program -- CORporate Kosher -- makes keeping your company kosher straightforward. Below are the top ten tips to make your CORporate Kosher experience more efficient.

For companies that feel that they do not have the proper resources to manage their kosher data management program effectively (i.e. obtaining and uploading kosher certificates), COR has a service called CORporate Kosher Premium where we can manage your kosher program on your behalf. If you are interested in CORporate Kosher Premium you can call our offices at 416 635-9550 ext 274 or email us at [email protected].


Top Ten CORporate Kosher Tips

1. I’m not able to login or I don’t have a login, please help.

Please see if a contact at your company already has a login. If not, please contact our office at (416) 635-9550 ext 261 or [email protected] and we will grant you access.

2. How do I generate my own kosher letter of certification (LOC)?

To generate your certificate from CORporate Kosher, click on "LOC" (top of page), then Regular, Private Label or Batch depending on the type of certificate you are looking for. Next, search for the product you wish to generate a certificate for, or click on the eraser located at the top right to generate the full LOC and click “continue.” Finally, choose the way in which you wish your LOC to appear and click “download LOC” to view it. 

3. I now have a kosher certificate (LOC), how do I find and enter the UKD-ID/K-ID?

The UKD-ID/K-ID is the tracking number found on most LOCs from the various kosher certifiers. It is located in the middle or right hand side of the page of the LOC. When adding an ingredient, type in the UKD-ID/K-ID from the LOC into the marked field first, and click “continue.” This way you don’t have to enter the rest of the fields on the page. Once the UKD-ID/K-ID is recognized, click “submit for approval.” If the LOC is not automatically updated, please upload LOC as well. If there is no UKD-ID/K-Id, you will have to add all the information into the fields manually.

4. How do I add a kosher certificate (LOC)?

Go to the ingredient for which you want to add the LOC and click on “add an ingredient,” and click on “edit this product” located on the right hand side of the page. Then, click on “browse” on the upper left side and upload the LOC. Don’t forget to click “save” and then “submit for approval.”

5. How do I update the LOC’s expiry date for an ingredient?

Click on “edit this product,” after searching for the ingredient you wish to change. On the right hand side, there is a field where you can change the expiry date to the new date on the certificate. Upload the new certificate as well. Another way to update the expiry date is to click on the button “refresh from web” which occasionally appears for ingredients with K-IDs. Then save the change and submit for approval.

6. I want to add a new product, how do I go about doing that?

To add a product, click on the first icon to the left in the shape of a cookie. Enter all the applicable information such as the product code, brand name, product name, dairy status, and check off if the product is a private label or not. Once you are done, click on “continue to formula” at the bottom of the page. Enter the formula of the product and then click “submit for certification.”

7. How do I add a new manufacturer?

Click on “add manufacturer” for the ingredient you wish to add an alternate or additional manufacturer. Once there, follow the same process as adding an ingredient. 

8. How do I determine if an ingredient needs a certificate (LOC) or not? What if a product is considered a “Group 1” like apples?

Click on the “add an ingredient” icon, fourth from the left and type in the name of the ingredient. If the ingredient name appears, then it is a group 1 ingredient and it does not require a kosher certificate (LOC). If the ingredient does not appear then please obtain a kosher certificate for the ingredient.

9. How do I know if a certificate or kosher certifier is acceptable?

Enter the information as written on the kosher certificate into the correct fields on the “add an ingredient” page to enter an ingredient and the Rabbi will review it to determine if it is ok or not. Alternatively, please feel free to call our office or the Rabbi of your plant to ask if a certificate is ok.

10. I have a new product with the same or similar formulation as a current product, how do I make the change?

If the older product is already approved, you can simply copy the formulation from the old product into the new product. This is done by following the same steps to add a product. When you arrive at the formulation page, type in the existing product name or code into the field titled “OR to copy all ingredients from another product, find it by code, brand or name” located above “formula entry completed date.” Once the formulation is copied you can add or delete any ingredient to modify the formulation for the new product, and click “continue to certification.”

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the COR offices at 416 635-9550 or [email protected].  

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